Mission: To develop actively engaged and globally aware citizens by promoting, advancing, and supporting high quality service-learning.

What is Service-Learning?

By combining academic theory with practical real-life experience, service-learning provides students with a broader and deeper understanding of the course content, fosters their sense of civic engagement, and sharpens their insights into themselves and their place in the community.

What Are We Doing?

In May of 2012, the North Carolina Service-Learning Coalition, with the support of Communities In Schools of North Carolina and Learn and Serve America, held its Inaugural Statewide Service-Learning Summit in Greensboro, NC. The Summit, specifically designed to promote, develop, and support high quality service-learning in K-16 student experiences, was attended by over 100 regional and state leaders and supporters of service learning. The second annual Summit will take place in the fall of 2013.
Our monthly newsletter provides resources, including funding opportunities, to facilitate the expansion of service-learning in schools throughout the state. We will begin a Professional Development series in 2013 to provide training with
regard to the stages of service learning, the integration of this teaching strategy into curriculum and methods to empower youth to become change agents in their schools and communities. The series will focus on classroom engagement strategies that improve learning in general and develop skills which will allow students to increase their effectiveness during the service-learning process.
Join the Coalition as we develop community-oriented youth who are equipped for today’s changing world.

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